We all get older and a lot of us still play music. We are not the same as we were when we were twenty, its hard to relate to the mind you once had even if you can maybe analyze it better now when looking back. Things seemed simpler, more dramatic, energetic and vital at that age. The music had a sheer power and emotional overload that can only really come from the late teens/early 20's. We were fresh out of highschool, skateboarding, hardcore bands, still living at home, no real incentive to have a band for any real reason than to make a racket with and for our best friends. I still love listening to old records and watching old footage of bands in their youthful prime. The who we once were is captured on there, immortal. It’s quite a thing. One problem i always have with the usual band documentarys, is that they are always filled up with new interviews of people reminiscing on old times with decades of hindsight, and the fact that they give you just short glimpses of classic footage that you'd love to see a lot more of. We could have done easily done that too but i believe that the truest form of the story is in the original music, photo, film and video footage itself.


I've collected a lot of stuff from friends over the years and luckily, i personally bothered to lug 4 tracks machines, mics and old video cameras to the shows at the time. Talking friends into holding the camera or keeping an eye on the input levels. I'm really glad i kept all those VHS tapes and reels of super8 films safe. The boxes of cassettes stored at my folks house still play great after 20 years. In 2007 i started transferring all these tapes into digital form to put this movie together, dubbing old VHS tapes was the scariest thing as some of them would barely play but i eventually got them all. I was excited that with use of modern editing stuff, i could finally sync up old video with better sounding tapes recorded at the same show, or editing together footage i had with someone else’s camera angle of the same show that i got from them years later. I worked on this movie for four years with much love until i finally had what i thought was a good document of what Eric's Trip really was.


The footage and the music is all in chronological order but also layed out in an intentional storyline. Some of these live concerts i have in their entirety, some just a rough piece. Though all the clips used, the song lyrics, the photos, everything together was chosen to tell the true story better than we ever could with modern reminiscing. There is no voice over, no type on screen, just the footage. I've edited it all together as clean as i could manage and really fussed over it. This is a much loved part of my history and i really wanted it to be meaningful and true. I listed out any facts and details about the footage in a timeline below, if you're curious of such things.


Most all the footage was collected from VHS tapes which aren't very HD compared to modern video of course. I don't recommend blowing it up to full screen. The original footage is in 4:3 aspect at 640x480 pixels, and it varies in quality quite a bit. The photos are cleaned up, the music is all remastered and full stereo, and this final edit is just under two hours long. No permissions were gotten for any of the footage i've used that wasn't originally my own, and i really hope all will understand that this movie was made with no intention of profit to be made, and that the footage is very important to this documentative project. I'm really happy with how it all turned out and am glad i can finally share it with all of you that may care.


Hope you dig the Eric's Trip show, thanks friends.


0:00 - Super8 film footage of downtown Moncton shot by Rick, early 90's. *ED VAUGHAN is our drummer in all pics, music and video until 8:33 of movie.

0:30 - VHS dub, live footage of "I Exist" from Kacho, Moncton - May 18th 1991. Live camera audio.

2:21 - 1st cassette release from Dec 1990, band photo summer 1990, audio excerpt "Beauty was all froze" from cassette.

2:36 - 2nd cassette release from Apr 1991, Thompson basement rehearsal pics spring 1991, audio excerpt "Beatings" from cassette.

2:50 - 3rd cassette release from July 1991, VHS dub of footage in fields shot August 1991, audio excerpt "Fall" from cassette.

3:50 - VHS dub, live footage of set up and excerpt of "Sunlight" from the Warehouse pub, Moncton - July 13th 1991. Shot by Ken Leblanc. Live camera audio.

5:07 - Audio clips of CKUM radio interview with Robert Gauvin, summer 1991. Photos: 1st show City Hall lobby April 21 1991, posed shots spring 91, live at Warehouse pub July 13th 1991, live at Kacho Sept 30th 1991.

6:41 - VHS footage from last show with Ed on drums shot by Claude Leger at Kacho, Moncton Sept 30th 1991. Tape was in rough shape and footage has been edited to cover the holes, and synced up with a board mix cassette of the show. Song is "Lost Inside".

8:22 - Picture of Ed Vaughan, summer 1991.

8:33 - "Naked in the Marsh" 10 inch Moncton compilation recorded autumn 1991 as three piece band. Audio is excerpt of "Sickness" from the session, live photo from 3 piece gig in Fredericton November 1991.

9:10 - Photo of Mark Gaudet on drums, joining the band December 1991, rehearsal room pic January 1992.

9:21 - 4th cassette release "Warm Girl" from January 1992 with fold out insert and audio talking outtakes from session.

9:57 - Photos from 1st concert with Mark on drums at Kacho, Moncton January 1992 by Ray Auffrey. Audio - "Warm Girl" from cassette.

10:54 - VHS dub of 1st Halifax show at the Flamingo Feb 2nd 1992. Two full songs "Sickness" and "I Exist" shot by Kim Gaudet, live camera audio.

18:15 - "Belong" 7inch record recorded March 30-31 1992 at Terry Pulliam's house in Halifax. Audio excerpt "Red haired Girl" from record. Pics: Live at Flamingo by Kevin Lewis, recording at Terry's, posed by car, Julie with records and 1st screened Tshirt design.

19:04 - VHS dub of a bit of "Float" shot at the Shipyard in Moncton Sept 3rd 1992 by Ken Leblanc. Live camera audio.

19:59 - Video footage of Julie doing her radio show at CKUM in Moncton. Summer 1992.

21:09 - VHS dub of SubPop's VERMONSTRESS festival in Burlington Vermont, Oct 11th 1992. Two full songs, "Happens all the time" and "My chest is empty pt2" Shot by Chris Murphy, video synced to live audio mix done by Bob Weston.

26:13 - Band pics from rehearsal space, Autumn 1992.

26:40 - VHS dub of "So easier last time" live at the Concert Hall in Toronto opening for Sonic Youth. Shot by Chris Murphy, live camera audio. Concert intro by Dave Bookman.

29:01 - "Peter" ep cover and insert art. Photos of Rick, Julie and Peter Holt from same roll as cover shot, audio of Peter talking from album.

29:52 - First subpop release, "Never mind the Molluscs" 2x7inch comp. Audio from record.

Pics: Gatefold piled up bands pic from record. Band in bed by Kevin Lewis. Band on tour with Van, Kim Gaudet and Mike Feuerstack by Peter Rowan. Live at Flamingo in Halifax by Laura Borealis, Rick, Mark and Chris in van by Julie.

30:30 - Rough VHS dub of Interview footage of band and Peter Rowan from Musique Plus in Montreal March 16th 1993 including live clips of us at the Jailhouse.

33:23 - VHS dub of tour video clips shot in May 1993: Julie in Vancouver hotel bed with "Songs about Chris" 7inch. Band in a plane. Clip of playing "Sunlight" at the Crocodile in Seattle for the the Subpop folks. Julie and Rick running down a hill in Seattle. Band in an elevator and at a playground in Kelowna. Walking down Bloor street to Lee's Palace in Toronto. Merch table at Lee's with Kim Gaudet.

37:18 - Good VHS footage shot by the CBC at Lee's Palace in Toronto May 18th 1993. Re-edited from 2 separate tapes of two of the camera angles they shot. Audio is a mix of camera audio and soundboard audio. Three full songs: "Belong", "Smother", and "Blinded".

46:47 - VHS dub of part of "Close your Eyes" shot live at Call the Office in London Ontario May 21st 1993 by Kim Gaudet. Live camera audio.

49:00 - Julie in hotel bed after London show.

49:32 - Some VHS clips from CBC's Ear to the Ground show. Live clip of "Blinded" with added animation, Mark talking, band playing "Sand" in Rick's parents garage, Rick and Julie talking.

51:19 - "LOVE TARA" album recorded in spring 1993. Photo of Julie and Tara from Peter Holts apartment,Rick and Julie on hill pic by Peter Holt, audio "May 11th" from album.

52:04 - Super8 film made by Peter Holt in Halifax for "Stove", song from album.

55:02 - Super8 film made by Rick for "My Room", song from album. Alternate edit made for this movie with added footage in yard and a clip of Denis Marquette at Room 201 records on St. George st. Moncton.

57:54 - Rough VHS dub of band performing "Listen" live in the Much Music studios Toronto, August 4th 1993 including short interview.

1:01:15 - Photos from summer 1993 tour and poses at Peter Holts apartment by Peter. Audio from John Peel Radio show including talking segment.

1:01:44 - Version of "Float" from four song Peel session recorded Sept 1993 at BBC studios in London England.

Photos: Live at Pop Explosion Halifax Sept 93, "Julie and the porthole to dimentia" 7inch, "Warm Girl" 7inch, "Float/Trapped in NY" 7inch, posed pics from Peter Holts apt autumn 93 by Peter, Marks basement poses autumn 93 by Kim Gaudet, press clippings, Nick Holmes (our live soundman).

1:04:01 - Video clip of Nick Holmes introduction by Julie in Van, and Nick and Peter Rowan backstage spring 1994.

1:04:12 - Live clips shot at Lee's Palace in Toronto March 1994 by Doug Winsor. No full songs were recorded so i edited the clips to match a 4track recorded live version of "Listen" made in January 94 at Cafe Campus in Montreal by Howard Billerman.

1:06:36 - "The Gordon Street Haunting" ep. recorded February 1994. Audio from album. Old fisher price cassette video camera footage of Julie singing to Beatles album in the Gordon street apartment, shot by Rick.

1:08:11 - "FOREVER AGAIN" album recorded in March 1994. "About You" excerpt from album. Some pages from the "Notes from stereo mountain" comic book 7inch that came with mail orders of album from SubPop.

1:09:26 - SupPop photo session pics by Charles Peterson spring 94. Audio excerpt: "December 93" remix.

1:10:19 - Pics from the "View Master" film shoot by Tara White.

1:10:40 - "ViewMaster" 16mm film by Rick and Laura Borealis shot in summer 1994. Audio from album Remix.

Locations: Gordon Street apartment, Behind the garage (Rick's folks house), Lewisville graveyard, Woods at Rick's uncles place (Irishtown NB), Cassie Cape beach (Rick's grandmother's cottage), Oak Park off main street Moncton.

1:13:31 - VHS dub of "You're Always Right" shot live at the Esquire in Moncton October 8th 1994. Two camera edit synced with 4 track audio recording of show. *note - Julie 7 months pregnant.

1:15:51 - Picture of Julie and short clip of her from Halifax concert Oct 9th.

1:16:12 - Much Music interview clips of Rick and Chris by Sook Yin Lee on "the Wedge" December 1994.

1:18:05 - Julie with newborn "Ben".

1:18:08 - Rough lowlight vhs footage of "Feeling Around" excerpt shot at Ziggys in Moncton Feb.20th 1995 by Tara White. Live camera audio.

1:19:12 - MuchEast interview by Mike Cambell at Champlain Place in Moncton, Feb.21st 1995. Includes live footage from Feb.20th Ziggys show with boardmix audio.

1:21:26 - "THe Road South" 7inch recorded spring 1995, live photos from the Birdland in Halifax by Tara White. Audio from record.

1:22:02 - VHS tour footage spring 1995. Driving through Quebec, Chris plays guitar in Van, Jon Claytor and Ben in Hotel mirror, Shawn Duggan driving and fake punching Nick Holmes in van, BT's in Montreal hotel.

1:23:15 - Excerpt of "Frame" live at Cafe Campus in Montreal April 13th 1995. Live camera audio.

1:24:19 - More spring 95 tour footage: In Montreal hotel lobby.

1:24:42 - Super8 film by Peter Holt and Rick for "Girlfriend" from Forever Again LP. Shot in Lewisville NB with Ron Bates as the skull, and Tara White.

1:26:53 - Audio of "Cloudy" from Forever Again LP with Tour footage from our summer 1995 "bus tour" with Tragically Hip's "Another Roadside Attraction".

Clips: Chris with super8 camera entering Seattle. Press clipping for tour. Mark and Gord Downey backstage polaroid. Julie playing guitar in front of bus. Rick, Mark, Nick Holmes and Peter Rowan smoking in bus bathroom. Thunderbird stadium Vancouver stage and backstage clips. Excerpt of "Lighthouse" from Vancouver set. In food tent with Nardwaar. Excerpt of "Mirror" from Calgary show. Super8 film footage by Tara White from Montreal mixed with video clips of "Sunlight" and "Viewmaster" from the Montreal show. All live audio from camera.

1:31:37 - "PURPLE BLUE" album recorded September 1995 in Moncton by Bob Weston. Audio excerpt of "Beach" from album with pics from the studio by Tara White.

1:32:46 - Freaking out backstage at Barrymores in Ottawa November 10 1995 while waiting for 13Engines to finish their set. With Tara, Ron and Chris from ORANGE GLASS and Nick Holmes flashing the lights.

1:33:40 - VHS dub of "Alone and Annoyed" live at Lee's Palace Toronto November 18th 1995 shot by Tara White. Live camera audio. Clip of Nick Holmes on soundboard at end.

1:36:04 - Super8 film by Peter Holt and Rick for "Sun coming up" from Purple Blue album. Shot autumn 1995, re-edited from stock film 2008.

1:38:37 - Backstage at Cosmo Moncton opening for Voivod Jan 23rd 1996. In room are Ed Vaughan, Ray Auffrey, Tara White, Claude Leger, "Away" from Voivod, Mark, Michelle Nobel, Chris, and Dawn Wason.

1:39:00 - VHS dubs of 2 camera angles shot at the Cosmo Jan 23rd 1996. Edited together for two full songs, "Eyes Shut" and "Spaceship Opening". Audio mixed from both camera sources. Shot by Tara White and Shant Pelley/Katrina Grentz . *note: Marks playing Voivods drums.

1:42:46 - MuchEast interview footage from Rick and Tara's basement studio, April 96. Interview by Mike Cambell.

1:47:52 - Interview footage from Brass City Records in Waterbury Connecticut on last tour, May 5th 1996. Plus instore performance of "Hourly" to crowd of 10 people. Live audio from camera.

1:41:25 - MuchEast clips with Mike Cambell, last show footage and interview bits with Mark and Rick.

1:43:08 - Last show footage from McNaughton Highschool on June 16th 1996. This dark, back of the room camera is the only one we have of the whole show, the song is "Follow" and the audio is live from camera. Some pics by Catherine Stockhausen and Tara White.

1:45:47 - End of show footage, end of movie.